Mac Browning

Software Engineer


  • Go
  • Ruby
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • VIM + Tmux
  • Shell Scripting


NetApp NKS

Engineering Manager January 2019 - Present

Apply existing knowledge building managed kubernetes clusters to augment the existing Netapp Kubernetes Service. Prioritize projects ranging from addressing existing technical debt, new feature requests, and long term improvements to underlying systems. Manage and grow a team of engineers with varying levels of experience while continuing to deliver meaningful features for our users.


Head of Infrastructure Engineering July 2018 - December 2018

Understand and investigate the unique infrastructure needs of a fast growing machine learning startup. Source and hire engineers focused on maintaining the stability of the Clarifai platform. Address technical debt accrued as the company scaled both in the existing platform and internal engineering best practices.


Engineering Manager January 2017 - June 2018

Grew the Delivery team from 2 to 6 engineers where we continued to focus on providing a robust platform for the rest of the company to build their services on. Lead projects ranging from global kubernetes deployments to new service development. Worked with team members to find opportunities for personal and professional growth both in and outside the company. Wrote code when I had the time.


Senior Software Engineer March 2014 - December 2016

Built and maintained projects throughout the DigitalOcean stack see projects. Grew into a technical lead role where I've been fortunate to empower teams of talented engineers to accomplish more than I could on my own. Took part in growing the engineering organization from 10 members to 50+ over a few years.

Spirent Communcations

Software Engineer July 2013 - March 2014

Built and maintained middleware services written in Ruby and Node.js to enable our client facing application to interact with our test hardware. Implemented a proprietary native licensing extension for our Ruby on Rails application to validate a customer's services with.


DOCC Go, Kubernetes

Designed and implemented an internal platform for delivering containerized services to production. DOCC is used by teams spread throughout DigitalOcean for deployments of all sizes. The project quickly grew to become the de facto way to ship a service within DigitalOcean. Worked along side my team to build our abstraction on top of kubernetes to minimize time to market for new services while promoting production readiness best practices.

Image Management Go, MySQL, Zookeeper

Designed and implemented a distributed object storage system for internal use at DigitalOcean. The service is distributed across regional storage clusters and is responsible for image related files required for the Droplet lifecycle. The critical nature of the service required a highly available approach with heartbeating and loadbalancing built into the solution. Ultimately responsible for managing the availability of petabytes of data split across all datacenters and deployed into existing infrastructure.

DNS Service Go, PowerDNS, MySQL

Hockey stick growth meant out growing a successful DNS service. Redesigned and rebuilt the internal DNS API which powered the customer facing management of millions of records. Maintained backward compatability throughout the project for a transparent transition between systems.

Reorganized and standardized the process by which thousands of servers were brought into production. Integrated closely with internal services to minimize the failure domain and maximize transparency throughout the first few steps in the lifecycle of hardware.


University Of Florida - Gainesville, FL

Bachelor of Science in Biology